About Us

Pigtails and Ponys, a Happy Accessories brand, provides you with unique handmade hair accessories. Each piece, being hand done, has its own charm and grace.
Our products are designed and crafted to share our natural love for picking up the simplest of things and transforming them into something beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

As soon as we receive your order, we work hard to lovingly handcraft them and pack them up and ship it to you. Your products are leave our studio within 2 working days (Saturday and Sundays excluded) of placing the order and we ask you to give us 3-4 working days to update you with the tracking details.

Return Policy

We put in a lot of time and love into handcrafting your Pigtails and Ponys accessories and your satisfaction is very important to us!
Any item that may have been damaged during shipping will be replaced immediately.
All we ask is that you drop us an email along with a photo of the damaged product and we will be happy to send you a new piece.

We are unable to do returns or exchanges. We do however, accept exchanges if you ship the products back to our studio. In this case, you would bear the shipping costs to return the product and we will in return, bear the costs to send you a new one.

How do I use my Promo Code?

If you've received a Promo Code, you will be able to enter it at check out to avail your discount or free shipping.
Most of the Promo Codes have conditions regarding the number of times you can use it and expiry date so if it doesn't work, please read the fine print again.
Either way, we will be happy to sort out any confusions that might arise. Drop us a mail and we'll get back to you right away!

Who makes all the Accessories?

We have a team of remarkable, lovely women (The Pigtails Ladies!) who spend their days surrounded by colourful fabric, glue guns, sewing machines and lots of tea! Our growing team work out of our quaint studio in Benson Town, Bangalore and handcraft each and every accessory just for you. They love hearing back from you so any positive feedback is more than welcome!

What about your Scarves?

Our soft as cotton scarves are designed by our in-house team and are being manufactured by artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan. These artisans hand block-print and ombre-dye the scarves with skills that have taken them a lifetime to perfect.
We intend on continuing to work with these artisans to come up with more accessories for you in the future and to support their community

 What is the Dream?

We dream of a Pigtails and Ponys community. With perpetual blue skies and colourful bows and flowers everywhere you look. Made up of women who never really had a chance to express themselves but who now, through their talents and dedication and hard work, spread happiness and and bring smiles to people's faces in the form of little printed bows and flower crowns and other handcrafted accessories

Why is it "Ponys" and not "Ponies"?

Because we have nothing to do with adorable baby horses and are instead referring to your "PonyTails" which we would love to adorn with our accessories!

How do we contact you?

If you have any queries, fill out our contact form.
For business queries, call us on +91 9740977979

Do you do customised orders?

We have, in the past, made custom accessories and goody bags for birthday parties and weddings. Get in touch with us for any such queries and we will be happy brighten up your special day with our accessories!

Do you supply to boutiques?

If you are a boutique owner and want to stock our accessories, please drop us a mail and we will get in touch with you. We would like to add that we only take on wholesale orders and are not doing consignment orders at the moment.