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It's only recently that I've come to realise the versatility of a simple cotton scarf.
Never really having had the knack of wearing a scarf, I found myself often trying to match a scarf with my outfit but getting rid of it 2 minutes before leaving the house thinking I looked foolish.
The simple fact of the matter is I never really knew what to do with it! It's been a year and having experimented with many styles of wearing it and perusing Pinterest for tutorials, I'm officially a convert! 
To those of you who are attracted to these soft beauties but unsure on how to drape it, here are a few simple ways to wear your own Pigtails Scarf

    1. Wear the scarf loosely around your neck with both the ends hanging behind you. Bring the ends to the front and knot it so the ends hang loosely.
    2. Let one end hand long and loose in front and wrap the scarf tightly around your neck with the other end falling behind you.
    3. Wrap the scarf around the back of your head and bring the ends back to the front and knot it once and tuck the loose ends. 
    4. Wrap the scarf multiple times around your neck and tuck the loose ends.
    5. Tie the ends of the scarf and loop it twice around your neck to make it look like an infinity scarf.
    6. Drape your scarf loosely around your neck. Belt around your waist is optional.
    7. Wrap the scarf around your head and bring the ends to the front - Perfect for those wearing under your helmet or on long auto rides to protect your hair from the dust and heat.
The basic wrap. With one end hanging loosely in the front, wrap your scarf around your neck and bring it to the front and under the loop.

To view more tutorials, check out this Buzzfeed Post or explore our Pinterest board
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