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Handcrafted Scarves By Pigtails and PonysHandcrafted Scarves By Pigtails and Ponys



For those who might have concluded that we have started a range of pet accessories - Sorry, that is not the case. Although, we definitely have plans to start grooming little furry heads in the near future!
As you might have noticed on our facebook page and instagram feed, we are going through a scarf frenzy here at Pigtails and Ponys. Our pure cotton scarves have been handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, India and after carefully choosing colours and designs, it's impossible for me to pick a single favourite!
For someone who owned scarves but never used them except as a blanket on the beach, I am officially a convert. Now that I'm learning about the versatility of this rectangular piece of fabric, I cant imagine leaving the house without one around my neck or in my bag (to throw on later). Plane rides, dinner dates, beaches, sunny days, snowy days - I've worn them everywhere. Scarves as a head turban, Scarves to cover up wrinkles on your shirt , Scarves to brighten up your gloomy outfit, Scarves to bury your face in on dusty auto rides - More than being an accessory, they are turning into my go-to quick fix for so many daily scenarios. A major plus being they look like Candy - Sold!
This post officially commences the launch of our Pigtails and Ponys Blog! I promise to be back soon with posts on Ways To Wear our hair accessories and scarves along with more visual candies. In the meantime, any suggestions from you guys are more than welcome. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below on what you'd like to see in this space and we'll work on it for you.

Until then.
Handcrafted Scarves By Pigtails and Ponys

Model: Kamini Baptiste
Balls of Fur - Benjamin, Oliver and Coburn
Photographer: James Premkumar

Mint Ombre Scarf
Coral Ombre Scarf
Blue Ombre Scarf
Grey Ombre Scarf

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  • Thank you so much Ira! Hope you are doing well <3

    Pigtails and Ponys on
  • First congrats Nivi!! God Bless Really proud of you.

    Ira Roxon on
  • Hi Shruthi!
    These were taken in Saskatoon, Canada :)

    Pigtails and Ponys on
  • Where did you guys click these pictures?


    Shruthi on

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